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Electrically Operated Roof Extractor Fan
Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan

Get A Clean Environment With Electrically Operated Roof Extractor Fan

Electrically Operated Roof Extractor Fan is a device that takes in air from every part or direction of the roof and brings this air back towards its center. As a result if there is any stale or bad odor air, it is removed. The extractor comes with turbine blades that rotates and also removes any warm moist vapor present in the building due to activating such as washing, heating etc. The design of the machine is such that it is easy to use and it can be used exhaustively to carry out desired air cleaning. It has the capacity to remove bad fumes, vapor no matter what the condition of keeping the environment inside the building clean.

Why Make Use Of An Electrically Operated Roof Extractor Fan?
It is not uncommon to see people succumbing to diseases caused by bad smell. It easily causes lack of mental focus and concentration. In a building where there are many workers, chemicals and different manufacturing processes are occurring, there is bound to be a bad smell from time to time. This can make the work condition very uncomfortable which in turn affects worker productivity. Such hassles can be removed with the assistance of a Vayuvents Private Limited electrically operated roof extractor fan.  Here is a look at its key features:
• It can be placed on the roof of industries and factories for clean air cleaning needs
• Capable of extracting dust and particulate matter in minutes
• Body of the machine is made from fine quality material that is durable, long-lasting
• Has got energy efficiency so that it produces low electricity bills
• Available in varying speeds, capacities and dimensions

This machine is durable, long-lasting and offers high performance. It works but does not produce any noise while it is functioning. It has low maintenance so it will not take much time for it to be readied for usage.  In environments that are closed and air supply is from the roof, this machine offers the right means of extracting such air, cleaning it and sending it into a working environment. It is made from material that enables it to be tough and resistant to rust and corrosion. Once it is fitted it will work continuously and extensively, will not break down even if there is continuous usage.  It will provide a continuous flow of clean air from the roof and is most suitable in places which are subject to overheating moisture caused by machines inside. VPL is the most prominent manufacturer and suppliers of Roof Extractor Fan. This is used on the roof of industrial sectors, for extracting and exhausting contaminated air. It is manufactured using the finest quality materials in accordance with set industry norms. Our clients can avail this Motorized Roof Extractor Fan in various specifications as per their needs at low price rate. Vayuvents Electrically operated Roof Exhaust Fan are highly efficient aerofoil fan which gave around 20 to 35 % power saving over any of the existing conventional vent type, tube axial, or propeller type fans. Roof Extractor are available in three models and the tentative capacities with dimensions with the most efficient with very less investment and high durability FRP Base motorized Roof Exhaust fan / Attic Fan for Heat / Fume Stale / De- humidification in any working plant and this fan provide Forced draft ventilation by creating negative induced draft pressure inside the working plant.

Electrically operated Roof Extractor Fan/ Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan
Electrically operated Roof Extractor Fan/ Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan
Electrically operated Roof Extractor Fan/ Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan

GA Drawing

Electrically operated Roof Extractor Fan/ Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan

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Electrically operated Roof Extractor Fan/ Motorized Roof Exhaust Fan / Attic Fan

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Technical comments :

The initial/project cost of the fan will be low.
The tensile weight of the fan at roof elevation will be less.
Motor H.P power consumption will be less
Electrical power consumption and minimize the total running cost.
Fan blade will be of MS epoxy coated light weight moulded gives the low dynamic torque on the roof.
Ease in installation and maintenance if any in future.
Top canopy will be of light weight made of FRP moulded.
Special class construction with very easy to be mounted at roof level.

For Industrial Needs

  • • Textile Unit
  • • Yarns & Fabric Units
  • • Dying Plant
  • • Steel Plant
  • • Foundry Cupola
  • • Food Industry
  • • Chemical Industry
  • • Rolling Mills
  • • Bakery & Confectioneries
  • • Milk & Dairy Plant
  • • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • • Coal & Wood Industry
  • • Hotel & Hospitality Industries
  • • Wafers & Namkeen Industry


Technical Specifications :
Model No. Fan Size Airflow St. Pressure M.O.C
MRF-150-96-32 32 Inch 10,000 CFM 20 MMWC FRP, SS, MS
MRF-100-96-24 24 Inch 7500 CFM 15 MMWC FRP, SS, MS
MRF-300-96-36 36 Inch 20,000 CFM 25 MMWC FRP, SS, MS
For more Models Or airflow & static pressure please email us