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Industrial Centrifugal Blower

Industrial Centrifugal Blower –Rapid Air Flow In Industrial Applications

The industrial centrifugal blower is a device that makes use of centrifugal force to rotate the blades of the blower. This force is created by rotating disks, which has right angled blades. It is required when there is a need for industrial machinery to make use of large air volumes with high pressure. It is needed in industrial processes such as sending materials to dust collectors, combustion air that is needed by burners, air circulation. The most common type of blower is the multistage one, which are rotating machines that can increase air pressure using centrifugal force generated by an electric motor.

Why Would You Need An Industrial Centrifugal Blower?
It basically consists of a motor, fan wheel which is attached to a rotating impeller that catches air that comes in and sends it out through the outlet and also a hosing. The blower’s centrifugal action pulls in air at a nominal speed and changes it to an angle of ninety degrees. This air is sent through an outlet at extremely high speed by the impeller which has blades on its sides. Some of the important types of industrial centrifugal blower include :
• Forward Curved
• Backward Inclined
• Radial
• Airfoil
• Radial Tip
• Inline
• Plug

Another important part of the blower is its fan wheel also called the impeller. It plays a key role in its operations as it runs air flow. It is responsible for containing the blower’s blades and defining blower type. The blower works by pulling in air, gas or particulate matter into its inlet and discharging air through its outlet. The way in which this is done is much different from what is seen with traditional fan or blower.

An industrial centrifugal blower is required for the purpose of air movement in various types of industrial and commercial applications. The design and structure of the blower is the key reason why they are needed in such sectors.  These Vayuvents Private Limited machines are robust and work continuously, extensively to manage the need for blowing air.  The most important feature of the centrifugal air blower is its electric motor, which rotates the impeller that sucks air and blows it out at right angles. What runs the centrifugal blower is its direct or indirect belt mechanism. You will find this device to be used mainly in those processes that require steady air flow as seen in pneumatic conveying systems.

Centrifugal fans are designed for general HVAC and industrial applications where large volumes of clean air are required at low to moderate pressures. With backward inclined, backward curved, backward inclined airfoil and forward curved wheel types, centrifugal fans offer the flexibility to match the performance and application at the highest efficiency. Most models are available in single-wide or double-wide configurations, which allow for even higher volumes of air.

We have also developed a facility for Industrial Centrifugal Blower test setup for the Performance analysis and continuous improvement of Vayuvents Blower We are well equipped to Design high-pressure air blowers, high volume low-pressure air Blower and Manufacturer Fans for a maximum capacity of,

• Flow:8,70,000 M3/Hr
• static pressure: 2000 Mmwc
• Inlet Temperature: 550 DegC

Industrial Centrifugal Blower
Industrial Centrifugal Blower
Industrial Centrifugal Blower
Industrial Centrifugal Blower
Industrial Centrifugal Blower

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Industrial Centrifugal Blower

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Industrial Centrifugal Blower

Technical Specifications :
Model No. Airflow St. Pressure M.O.C
CB-96-1500-200-300 20,000 CFM 75 MMWC SS, MS, MS+FRP
CB-14-1250-149-400 14,900 CFM 100 MMWC SS, MS, MS+FRP
CB-28-2000-108-600 10,800 CFM 150 MMWC SS, MS, MS+FRP
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